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If You Could Eliminate Poverty or Illiteracy, Which Would You Choose?

posted Feb 2, 2015, 5:45 PM by Etaasha Jain

    Poverty and illiteracy are two of the world’s biggest problems. Without them, the world would be a much better place. It would be wonderful if both of these problems could be eliminated. However, if only one of these dilemmas could be gotten rid of, I would choose to terminate illiteracy.

Most people living in poverty are poor because of unemployment, or very low-paying jobs. The reason for this is usually illiteracy. If illiteracy were eliminated, then more people would have better jobs, and therefore more money. Basically, getting rid of illiteracy can also lead to a significantly less amount of people living in poverty. This would make the world a much happier place, and it would also help the economy to have more people consuming goods and services. There are some people who have a lot of potential, but for whatever reason, are illiterate. If these people are taught to read and write, then they may learn how to do other things such as math and science. Someday, the same person may become the president of the United States, or discover how to use lasers for interior lighting, or something that would make a difference.

Being able to read and write is one of the most important skills a person can possess. Without reading, the world would be nowhere. It is very hard to get around in this world for people who do not have the ability to read or write. They cannot read street names; they cannot write letters to distant family or friends. They cannot even enjoy literature. It really makes me sad how many people cannot feel the pleasure that comes from reading a book. Some people are not active members of society simply because they are illiterate. They do not think they can do anything because of their disability. If illiteracy were gotten rid of, people would be more active members of society, and maybe the world would advance.

If illiteracy is eliminated, then the world would also rise out of poverty. With more people being able to read and write, society can advance forward. A person who used to be illiterate could eventually do something big. If illiteracy is terminated, then the world would be a much better place.