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Impact of the Internet on Society

posted Feb 2, 2015, 5:40 PM by Etaasha Jain

The Internet is one of the inventions that have impacted society the most. Mankind depends on the Internet for many things today from communicating with one’s co-workers to keeping up with the latest gossip. Like all other things, there are two sides to the impact and importance of the Internet in society.

Internet has changed society in many good ways. Now, people do not have to wait several days for a reply to their handwritten letter. With the Internet, however, one can send an e-mail and get a reply in a mere five minutes. Not a very long time ago, people could only hear their correspondent’s voices on the phone. Now, with internet-using applications such as Skype, Google+, or Face Time, one can not only hear another person’s voice, but also see their face. Along with communication advancements, the Internet has also led to advancements in school or at work. Instead of having to meet up with the other members of a group project, a student can now collaborate from opposite sides of the area using Google Drive. The ever-increasing usage of the Internet has also created more jobs. Internet based companies such as Google and Facebook need employees. All these companies that are forming because of the Internet are supplying thousands of people with jobs. Although there is a big impact of the Internet on the professional society, there is an equal, if not bigger, importance of the Internet on leisure activities.

The invention of the Internet has led to the development of social media such as Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Kik. These days, if someone wants to do something creative, the first place they will check is Pinterest. Many times, people do not realize how important the Internet is.

Although most of society chooses to ignore it, there is a bad side of the Internet. One very big problem on the Internet is cyber bullying. This is when people post mean rumors or comments about others on social media. This can be very serious and lead to self-harm and/or mental disorders. Hacking is also becoming a very big problem in the world. Hackers can ruin one’s social media profile or find their location through their account. People can also put false information on the Internet, which may be accidentally used in research. This can cause a project to go very wrong. Lastly, the Internet takes away family time. Today, most people prefer to Face Time their friends instead of spending time with their families. This causes families to drift apart, and family is the one thing that will never stop supporting you, no matter what your friends do.

The Internet has impacted society more than is thought by most people. It is important in many good ways, and equally as many bad ways.